My Story

two mens jackets on a rail

Hi, I’m Lance

Welcome to the NEW home of Made to Measure Suiting, a tailor that can come to you.

LanzEvan started with a love for beauty, sophistication and elegance. Every piece is crafted with care and a great eye for detail. With this energy SuitsMe by LanzEvan was born, offering the same value and heart that is instilled in LanzEvan. With a collaborative journey, we will create tailored garments that work best for your individual style and appearance. What Suits You, Suits Me..

“Nothing great was ever achieved without Enthusiasm.”


With every LanzEvan and SuitsMe garment, we pride ourselves in offering high quality craftsmanship. Using luxury fabrics from all over the globe, I want to make sure we offer the best we can. It is undeniable that our Brands DNA is all about being true to ourselves with no compromise.

It will be a pleasure to work with you and build a moment to remember when visiting our establishment.

Contact me on 0410 609 420 or email