LanzEvan Bridal

Image of 2 men and 1 woman in bridal attire

Why LanzEvan Bridal

With LanzEvan Design, we want to work with you and create the Wedding Gown of yours dreams from initial sketch to final creation. Every bride has a vision and we want to make sure we are your fairy godmother and make that wish come true. We also want to make sure that your bridal party is looking just as amazing, so we would love to help design something to compliment you.

The Process

Initial Bridal Consultation

In our first appointment we discuss all things Wedding and your vision. We can look at any inspiration, mood boards you may have and create a rough sketch of your vision. Fabrics will be discussed which allows me to source the most appropriate and suitable.

Second Bridal Consultation

During this appointment we revisit the design and make any changes that may come up. There will be a selection of fabrics to compliment the creation. Once we finalise everything we move forward with measurements.

How Many Fittings will there be?

Depending on the complexity of the gown/outfit, normally a bride will attend 4 to 5 fittings. This can be discussed and reviewed during your Second Bridal Consultations.

What about my Bridesmaids?

We would recommend to seperate the Bridesmaids fitting seperate from yours. We want your appointment to be about you and the bridesmaids to have their time. They may also require 3 to 4 fittings depending on design and style.

How much time would we need?

With anything as big as your Wedding Day, the more time we have the better. We would highly recommend a minimum of 6 to 7 months.

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